VERY IMPORTANT, Your new puppy is eating Science Diet Small Breed Puppy Formula which can be ordered Online at and they will Ship Very Fast right to your door.  Also puppy Does NOT drink Tap water, as tap water can carry traces of Giardia in it that will not harm adult dogs but can cause severe problems for Young puppies.  A Reverse Osmosis Water system in your home is great, but bottled water will be fine too.  NOT Distilled Water as it does not carry the necessary Vitamins.   Also keep him/her  on bottled water until he/she is at least 6 months old.  Do Not change his/her diet at this time, wait at least a few weeks, and then if you do, Do it Slowly by adding just a tiny bit of the new food to his/her Science Diet the first day, a little more the next day and so on over at least a weeks period of time so his/her  body can get use to it, or it can cause upset and intestinal distress.  NO doggy TREATS for at least another few months, and be Very Cautious about which treats and brands you choose.  NEVER RAWHIDE at Anytime.  It does Not digest in their intestines. And Never Toys with strings on them.   He/she was raised on the dry kibbles which we Free feed leaving fresh food and water out at all times as Pekingese do not gobble their food, and so they do not eat enough at a single feeding. They tend to go eat a little here and there, and that is good until they are at least 6-7 months old when you can feed twice a day.  LOW BLOOD SUGAR can occur especially in the smaller Sleeve and Toy sizes and can result in them having a small Sezuire, in which case a little Karo syrup or even Maple pancake syrup on their tongue will bring them right out of it. That is why it is Important to leave food out for them 24/7 until they are older and have a good weight, Although we Free Feed even our adults. If you have an experience with a puppy having a low blood sugar seizure, add just a tiny bit ( approx. 1/8 teaspoon), of Karo syrup their water bowl daily, but not too much as too much karo can cause diarrhea.  When 7 months and older you can stop the karo in their water and just give a little Human Sugar Smacks cereal as treats, or a Baby Animal cracker cookie and they love them.  NOTE: If a puppy has a seizure, and you suspect any potentially dangerous reason, TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO YOUR VET FOR A HEALTH CHECK.  Low blood sugar is normally the reason, and Karo  syrup can work just fine, but that may not always be the case. Other culprits may be involved so don't take chances especially if you have just given a medication or Treatment of Any Kind. 

Many of our babies have the super flat noses, and some are what is called "Pinched Nostrils, which if they have trouble breathing well through them, our Vet gives them a Nose Clip which opens them up just a bit to help them breathe freely with no more struggles.  It will be noted on your puppy's Health Record Booklet if he/she has a Nose clip. Many with the flatter nosed babies snort and sniff more, but generally grow out of that over time as they grow up. Although Pekingese normally snort and sniff as a trait through their entire life, especially during sleep, although it should not be Excessive or restrictive to their play and activities. Another common surgical repair puppies have is an Umbilical Repair. This is a small hernia that is caused by the mommy's pulling while chewing off the cords at birth. This will also be noted on puppy's Health Records. Your puppy has never been outside yet, and we are overprotective with the puppies until they have had their 3rd. shot for the year.  This is one reason I Love the Playpens we have so much which I will tell you more about below and send you the link.  If you have a secure area of your yard where no other dogs or cats roam, then that may be a safe area to start him outdoor potty training.  He/She has never slept at floor level, as it can be too drafty or chilly, so if you make an area for him/her , be sure it will be warm enough, not near fans or AC vents blowing on or too close to him/her, with a little cozy bed, big soft teddy to cuddle too and toys, food and water.   Your puppy has had his/her first shot and it is listed in the Health Record Booklet to take to your Vet.  He/she will schedule his/her next date for vaccinations.  Vet offices and Pet Stores, doggy parks and other places people frequent with their pets are a Danger Zone for young puppies to pick up bacteria and viruses.  We always ask our Vet prior to bringing in our pets if there has been any contagious animals in lately.  We also always bring them in a carrier and only take them out for the doctor to see.  We carry a bottle with water and a small amount of bleach in it, and a small hand towels with us in our vehicles at all times, and spray the bottom of our shoes, and also mist the carrier top and bottom.  We also mist the towel and lightly wipe over the puppy or adult, including their feet.  We take No Chances with our Furry Kids!  UNLESS DEEMED AN EMERGENCY AND ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PUPPY AT THE VET HOSPITAL OVERNIGHT, as they can pickup Bacteria, Viruses, Kennel cough and More!!! 

MEDICATION AND TREATMENT WARNING: Do Not let your Vet Over treat your puppy with Preventative medications if they are Not necessary at the time of examination.  ONLY allow your puppy to have what is actually Needed! Experience has shown that some Vet Care Facilities over medicate causing puppies to go into great distress. BE Aware, Ask Questions, Stay Knowledgeable and Make your own Decisions for the best welfare of your puppy. You are also Welcome to Contact us with any questions or concerns at anytime. 

 IMPORTANT: Do not pass your puppy around to family, friends, children etc. when you first get him/her, and while he/she is still so young.  The stress alone can make him/her sick, or even cause a small seizure, especially in the very tiny Toy and Sleeve sizes, with travel, change of environment, and other stressful situations. And DON'T allow Strangers to Pet or hold them. You do not know where they have been!  When you first get him/her,  LOVE, Cuddles, Kisses and Soft loving talk will make All the difference on how fast he/she will adjust and feel safe.  Also Use His/her Name from the Minute you meet him/her, and say it Several times while talking to him/her, as this makes the puppies connect so much quicker when they hear a name they already know.

        Your puppy comes with a One Year Limited Health Guarantee against genetic heart and liver defects.  (Read Our Health Guarantee Link)  He/She will have a Vet Health Check prior to coming home to you with documentation, and a Fecal Exam to ensure there is no internal parasites, coccidia or giardia.  We require that you take your puppy to your own licensed Veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving him/her, for a full health exam.  If for any reason a listed birth defect in our Health Guarantee is found that our Vet did not detect,  you are welcome to either send the puppy back for a Full Refund, minus shipping costs, or keep the puppy if you desire and receive a percentage cash credit, in which the amount will depend on the type of defect and Vet findings.  We will require a written statement from your Vet on their Official Letterhead, with his/her name, address, and phone number, sent directly to our personal Veterinarian by Fax or Email.  Additional important information about our Health Guarantee, visit my Website and click on our Health Guarantee link there.

  In case you are interested, The Puppy Playpen is Perfect for them to play, sleep, eat and train from.  All puppies should have an area of their own in the home where they know it is their place to relax and sleep etc.  I Love the playpens for many reasons.  #1.  they have grated floors that sit above the pans underneath, so any potty goes through and they are never in a wet environment, so they train very easy because they do not like being in their potty from the beginning.  I put newspapers in the pans below, so it is really easy to clean up and replace new newspapers.  #2.  the floor grates are adjustable to heights, so it can be at the perfect height for them and not too high up so they can jump out. #3. they are fold up easily with handles to take them anywhere, so it makes it perfect if visiting family or friends where you don't want your dog running their home or yard, or to keep him up from underfoot,  Great for traveling and in motel rooms so no accidents or running out the door, and wonderful for camping trips to keep them safe.  Adults dogs love them just as much because it is a personal place.  We keep a soft bed in it for them and attached food and water cups,  toys and teddies.  We use all sorts of different beds for them, and they love it,  especially the kitty beds as you can see.  They love going inside and out with their toys.  I sent you a few pictures of ours below.  Also if interested, here is the link below,




You can find this Style Playpens on 


They are Great.  If you order one, be sure to get the 1/4" by 4" floor grates and Not the little 1" by 1" squares because the potty gets caught up in the little squares. 

Feel Free to ask any Questions at any time, Terry Lee  909-754-6338 and Robert Morris 909-659-6834


This is the Large 4' x 4'



This is the Medium 3' x 3' which is great for one puppy to have lots of room to have a bed and
toys, food and water, and easy for you to move around or take with you places.


This is the small 2' x 3' which is great for temporary use and traveling, Motel Rooms, Camping, Visiting and Travel and more.