Our Normal Program has Changed 2018 since all Airlines have stopped allowing Snub Nosed Pets to Fly in their Pet Safe Cargo


Our Prices Still include EVERYTHING, only Now your Puppy will Fly home to you with a Personal Professional USDA Approved PET NANNY who flies with your puppy in Cabin  on her lap, and meets you at an Airport near you.  Puppy's Flight, Pet Nanny's round trip Flight, her Fee for Service, Taxes, airport fees, USDA Flight Health Certificate, Transport,  and a Starter Food Package are Still All Included in puppy's listed Price with No additional fees.  


We are located in Oklahoma and You are Welcome to Fly in to meet with us to get your puppy, or if you would like to Drive in, we will drive to meet you part Way.  (our drive time allotment is approx. 4 hours round trip)  If you Fly or Drive in, we will deduct $350.00 off of your Puppy's Price.  If meeting, you can pay for your puppy's balance at time of pickup in cash.


#1.  WE ACCEPT PAYPAL AND CREDIT CARDS THROUGH PAYPAL FOR DEPOSITS AND FULL PAYMENT.   All Balance Payments through Paypal has to be made by instant money transfer from your Paypal balance or by Credit Card. NO BANK TRANSFERS at the balance payment as they take approx. 5+ days to clear and all balances have to be cleared and paid in Full PRIOR to your puppy's Flight Booking which is normally 7-10 days before your puppy is due to come home to you.    or e-mail me at tpekes4u@aol.com  or call 909-754-6338. 

#2. WE ALSO ACCEPT WALMART INSTANT MONEY GRAMS, which you can purchase at your local Walmart at their Service Desk.  You will fill out a form with both yours and our information, and for higher amounts sent they will require you to give them a Secret Word that both of us will need to know to send and accept payment.  IF YOU DECIDE TO GO WITH WALMART,  we will choose a secret word between us prior.  NOTE: You may want to call Walmart for charges on particular amounts you plan to send, as they do Charge a fee according to amount.