Our New "Buy In" Bloodlines, and What it Means to Purchase a "Buy In" Puppy from Me.
Hello Folks, It is important for you to know what it means when I buy into a new Pekingese
bloodlines and you purchase one of those puppies from us. Over the years we occasionally
seek out a New bloodline to add to our own little family of Pekes. In the past few years we
have bought new lines such as males Co-Pilot, and Prince Yum Yum, and also our little girls
Shaboom and Twinkles from wonderful breeders. Between the family, we decide which
puppies we will keep to raise, and if we should decide to part with any, we will offer them for
sale. I search for our new bloodlines from good breeders who are willing to meet personally
with me, allow me to inspect the puppies, and view the parents. Before purchase, they have
their shots and dewormings as needed to date for their age, and they agree to get a full
Veterinarian Health Exam, and also a Fecal testing, with their Vet giving a USDA Health
Certificate. When we take the puppy(s) home, we also have our Vet give a Fecal Exam, and
before a puppy leaves our home if adopted, they will receive yet another Full Veteriarian
Health check from our Vet, and a 3rd. Fecal Testing, examination of legs, hips, knees, eyes,
nose and the presence of any umbilical hernias, also any current shots and dewormings if it
is time, and a Current USDA Health Certificate. If an umbilical hernia is found, we  inform the
buyer and pay for the surgery to be done prior to sending puppy to new family, at No Cost to
Buyer.  In our personal inspection, I look for any negative personality traits, such as
aggressiveness, timid, withdrawn, scared or skiddish behavior, and the overall nature of
whether they appear happy, playful, interested and well adjusted. These among others are
Key factors of our choice. Due to the fact that I did not personally breed and raise these
puppies from my current bloodline for at least one full generation, I back any adoption with a
Full limted lifetime Guarantee against genetic heart and liver defects  (the guarantee will be
provided to you to read in full and then sign in agreement to all provisions within) and we shall
both retain a copy. In this way I can provide the protection to our buyers and give them the
peace of mind that they “Would Not” have gotten if they have purchased the puppy directly
from the original breeder. This is our way to Stand Behind both the puppy and you. It is
important to know that you will not be able to contact the original breeder, as when a purchase
is made to a new buyer/breeder such as myself, the original breeder releases all of their
rights and responsibilities to the dog/puppies, and the responsibility from that day forward is
soley my own. This would be the Same, as if a puppy was purchased from a Pet Store,
where there you would get No contact with original breeder, or Any breeder, and a very
limited or No Health guarantee at all, as you may also find this to be true on particular online
puppy Broker sites.  Most breeders who sell puppies online themselves generally are not be
willing to give pictures of the puppies parents to the new breeder for showing, because they
may be advertising and selling puppies from the same parents, and understandably since
they no longer have any responsibility to their puppies which they have already sold and who
are now out of their care , they cannot be involved in any transaction or sale once puppies
have left their premises. The Full Responsibilty falls upon the new seller, in this case myself,
and it is up to each seller to determine what level (if any) type of guarantee they will offer to
the new family. In our case we offer the Best assurance that we possibly can. Although as
stated above, we do personally view the parents ourselves and can relate to you our observation.
Prices: Our price listed for each puppy that is a “buy in” and re-homed through us reflects all
costs we incur from beginning to end, which include our purchase price, transport, 
 Veteranarian exams and additional testings, current shots and dewormings as needed to
date, a current updated USDA Health Certificate, Flight cost and airline fees and taxes,
Transport to airport or destination, among others possible costs incurred, and also including
quality and/or special traits of features of each puppy being sold.
Conclusion: Any puppy that you buy from myself or someone else is a Little Life that will be
joining you as part of your family, and I strive to make that a rewarding new venture for the
puppy and you in offering the best protection I can offer. All of our puppies are sold for
Loving Pet Homes only, and carry no guarantees for breeding ability.  Feel free at any time to
email or call me with any questions at tpekes4u@aol.com or 909-754-6338
                                                                                           Regards, Terry Lee