Hello Everyone.  So many folks ask me about potty training thier new puppy, and their are many techniques out there, although we have some of our own that has always worked best for us.  Over 40 years we have surely found out some of the biggest mistakes one can make that will slow down or deter their puppy's training and cause great frustration for everyone, including the puppy.  First of all young puppies potty much more often and then slow down as they are getting older. Secondly, any excitement will cause a puppy to become stimulated and their first response will be to pee, then shortly after a you can count on a poo poo!  Generally the Pekingese breed don't have nervous bladders so they normally will not pee on you or dribble when you pick them up as with several other small breeds.  But they will pee shortly after you put them down, and this is a Big Key to know for training. You should start your routine and keep it consistent so your puppy learns the program and becomes aware of his accomplishment.  Praise is always the best positive reinforcement and will help greatly.          To begin you should have a special place for your puppy to call his own, and that space should start out confined, and limited to a small area.  We love the playpens as shown in the video on my Website, with the grates that sit above the pans so that the potty falls though and the puppy never steps or lays in his pee. Being raised clean and dry makes them want to steer clear of their pee and poo, especially in their own space.   If you let them run the house, they will surely find areas to potty in, so you need to begin in a small area until they know the program and their potty area well. You do not necessarily need to buy a playpen, although they do keep the puppy up off the drafty floors to sleep.  Below I will add some pictures and information about them for you.  Although many families like to just section off a small area in the dining room or other Non-Carpeted area. 
We never use Puppy Pads because they are soft and cushy, and the puppies get them confused with the softness of their beds, rugs, blankets etc.   They often tend to think they can potty on anything that is soft!  Sometimes they will even lay on their puppy pad, and then pee on their blanket or rug!  They are too confusing, and once they start this, it is hard to re-train them.  ALSO we do Not recommend having a Potty area in their personal space, if you have started training him/her outside, such as paper on the floor or litter box in there,  because it deters and extends the training program.  You want them to Not potty in their area, or your home, other than where you are wanting them to go.  Some folks want to keep their puppy indoors until they are older and have all 3 of their vaccinations of puppyhood, Especially if they live in an area where other animals might roam in or around their yard and carry viruses or bacteria etc.  If you feel your area is secure, then you can start your puppy to an outside potty area.  Don't let him roam large areas, and watch him closely, as they tend to put everything in their mouths like young children do!  You may even want to section off a small area just for him, or purchase a Puppy foldout play yard as shown here..........................................
Our program is simple and works quickly and well. You want to take your puppy from his area directly to his designated potty area. Never put him down on the floor or anywhere until you first take him to his Potty area. He should pee quickly, but you may have to stand and sometimes walk with him a bit and say Go Potty, giving him time to poo too, as this takes longer generally.  After he does his business you should really praise him as Good Job, and make a big deal about how well he did,  and then he can play awhile with you on the floor in your home.  But remember, they pee often, so after about 10-15 minutes take him back to his potty spot so he can pee again.  Generally they will poo 3-4 times a day, so just watch for signs, generally circling and sniffing.  Puppies also tire easy and need regular naps, so be sure not to play too long or hard, and put him back in his bed and personal space to nap.  
After a week or two of using this program, you can start taking him out on the floor and then calling him to follow you out to his potty spot, so that he can learn to run to the door or potty area by following you. This helps train him to take that step on his own without being carried there. They generally show a bit of pride that they actually traveled there themselves!  I swear Pekingese are part human!  Soon as he does his business, be sure to praise him highly and pet and kiss him...Good Job..You pottied outside or whatever spot you use, But Name it...whether it be Outside or on Paper or litter box etc.  He should recognize the name of his potty spot.  If a mistake is made on the floor, we say in a firm voice "NO POTTY ON THE FLOOR...and then repeatingly NO FLOORS etc.  Then following that with immediately saying "Let's Go Outside to Potty" etc.  using whatever name and place you are training too, and take him directly there.  Now this might sound odd,  but since he already peed or pooped,  most likely he won't be able to go again right then.  But you still need to work the routine.  Tap the area with your fingers saying, "This is where you go Potty, and then WE also tap them on their wee wee if they peed, or their hiney if they pood!!!  Tap them, then tap the potty spot, and say it while you are doing it.....You Go Pee here....or Potty Here  etc.  This helps make the connection quickly as to why you are scoulding them.  I also take them back to the place they wrongfully pottied and have them sit there with me while I clean it up with cleaner, and all the while making a big deal about how Awful that was, and Shame Shame!!! Then after cleanup, I take them Back to their potty spot Again, and say "Go Potty Here"  Goooooood Boy or Girl etc.!   I know, I know.... it sounds silly,  But they are really SMART!   Much smarter than you may think, and they will take Complete advantage of you if they think they can!!!  After 41 years raising these furry kids,  They Have Taught ME Well!    If you should ever have any questions, always feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to help you in any way I can.  Let me know if I have missed something here that you hoped would be included, and I will surely update.