We always have so much fun with the dogs as you can see.  Someday in the future we plan to build them a Huge Doggy Playground. 

My singing Pekingese.  I always sing and dance with the dogs, and sometimes they just like to sing along!




I Need a bigger Swimming Pool Mom :(

AH Thanks, that's much better :)

Bailetter PiPi Longstocking!  She loves to Play and don't mind a thing I do




I hate this Puppy Uglies Stage!




I'm so Tired of all these Pictures!





It's Been a Hard Day





NO, Not another Picture





Anyone for a Game of Chess?





I hope this turtle don't get up and walk away with me!




But I Love to play in the sprinklers mom





I Love Rock n Roll





So I thought I'd put my own Rock group together




You can call me Flower if you want too :)





Is this pose cute enough mom





Shrek is a daddy that actually Loves his babies




But then he needs his Peace and Quiet Time





What happened to my ears? This isn't suppose to happen during my puppy Ugly Stage is it?




I Look like I'm about to Fly away!





OH MY!  Fortunately Lilly's ears went back to normal after her puppy stage, but it was surely a Unique situation.  A Friend actually asked me "What is it"?



Mom Loves to get us Great Toys to play with




I Love Kisses




Our kitchen play box so we can visit mom while she's cooking




Hey, I may be a Senior, but that won't stop me from having some fun. Your only as old as you feel :)




I will always be Royalty to my mom





I'm just a size 7 in women's !




I Love ya, but I'm not giving up my ball




Nope, can't have my Christmas Stocking either




OK, I can do without the Santa hat and Wagon




Life is a Party