UPDATED April 2nd. 2017



Hello Folks.  We have some Wonderful Loving Adults and very Young Pre-Adults Available for Adoption to Family homes, Some are Ready for Adoption NOW and others around December through Feb of 2013 or soon thereafter.  Those Available Right Now will say so beneath thier Photos. We are not opposed to breeder homes with some of our Pekes (those who are listed as can be bred) BUT, we do NOT sell to Kennels.  IN-HOME Family breeders only.  Our dogs are raised in our Home with lots of Love and Attention, and they could not survive a kennel type of life or environment, so Please Do not ask if that is your situation.  We adopt out some of our adults over time for various reasons,  whether they are older and should have a home with that special loving Individual attention so that they do not need to compete with the younger group here,  or that we have to expand our bloodline to new lines without in-breeding,  or for Special reasons,  any and all of which will be listed under each ones pictures below.   


VERY IMPORTANT To KNOW: READ READ READ!!! When adopting an older puppy or an Adult Dog, for the first day or two they will Naturally be somewhat Shy, a little Timid, and even a little scared at first since they are leaving the home they grew up in and have spent much more time bonding with Us before meeting you for the first time.  Remember that you are thier NEW Parent and Family, and You and Your Family, Your Home and Yard, and even Your smells are different than what they are use too.  LOVE, CUDDLES, and SWEET TALK Cures ALL!!!  That is the Key and Necessity when adopting.  POTTY TRAINING: All of these older pups and Adults are Potty Trained to go outside.  They have been raised on Tile Flooring, and Not yet on any carpeting.  REMEMBER that they will obviously be Disorientated at thier New Home with you, and need time to learn thier way around, and how you want to run your program, so it is ESSENTIAL that you begin immediately taking them out to go potty often, especially in the first few days, out to the Potty area of your choice and say Go Potty. Let them spend some time, smell around, and get aquainted with thier potty space. And PRAISE when they go, as this positive reinforcement will help the process move forward fast! NEVER give a new dog the run of your entire home, as this will deter them from learning your program quickly.  You should always have a specific area that you will allow him/her to wander, learn the layout and get accustomed to in your home to start. As time goes on you can introduce him/her to more rooms and areas in your home. 



(ADOPTED) This is Tootsie, Born 8-22-2013, she young and good natured, and just the Sweetest little girl with a Profuse Show style Black coat with Silver when in full coat, although we keep her cut down for comfort.  She is a Great mommy, and has a Wonderful Personality.  She gets along great with other dogs, although I do not know about Cats, as she has never been around them.  I don't mind a FAMILY home for her that may be interested in having a litter with her someday, BUT NO KENNELS, AND NO OUTDOOR OR GARAGE TYPE LIVING ARRANGEMENT FOR HER.  She needs a Real Loving Family style home and environment.  She is house trained and very well behaved.  Tootsie was raised with lots of love, and that is what I want for her.  She is ACA Registered, and will be Available for Adoption after the first of the Year of 2016 for $800.00 plus all Shipping costs.  This will include her Full Registration.  If interested in her,  email me Terry Lee at tpekes4u@aol.com  (ADOPTED)


(ADOPTED) Beautiful Binky,  Adopted by Karen and Mike Aug. 25th. 2015, for thier mom Geri, in Louisiana .  Repeat Buyer's of Our Pekingese for over 15 years!

 Adopted with a deposit 1-3-2015 for Audrey in British Columbia, Canada" This is Sunday Sunshine and she will be Available for Adoption soon.  More information about her will be added later this month.  

(ADOPTED) This is Annie, and she will be Available soon, and more information will be added about her later this month.  NOTE: Annie can only go to a retired or Senior home, with NO other pets (Except birds or fish) No cats or dogs,  and No Children.  I will post more about her in detail soon. (ADOPTED by a Wonderful Loving Mommy Marianne in Texas who is spoiling Annie like a little Princess)  


(ADOPTED)This is Small Toy Female TIKI HANNA,  will be Available Now for Adoption in March 2015.  You can lock her in with a Deposit if you decide that you would like to Adopt her.   IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: TIKI will need a family home with No other female dogs, although a male is fine,  NO CATS, and someone who will give her lots of love and attention.  Tiki is FUN, and Funny, and a Total Joy.  She is 5 years old and acts like a Puppy.  She is Very Smart, and is SO LOVEABLE, that she Loves Everyone, and Children too....BUT she DOES NOT LIKE other Female Dogs!!!  And she is is not one to mix with Cats.  But would be Great for either a Whole family or Retired person or Couple.  And she would do BEST if she were the ONLY PET.  (birds, fish, etc. would be fine) TIKI is an INSIDE PET, Potty Trained, Carrier Trained, and she is NOT a Kennel Dog.  She needs a Loving Forever Home, and NOT to be kept in a Kennel building, Garage, or Outside in a dog house to Live!  She Loves going Bye Bye in the car, and is a Great traveling Pet.  She will cuddle with you all day long if you want her too.  Pet Only Adoption Price with Limited Registration is $600.00 which will include, her Flight, airport taxes and fees, Transport, Carrier, USDA Flight Certificate.  Or if you are within driving distance and we can meet for you to pick her up, I will deduct the plane fare of $300.00 off of her cost.  She will be Current on all of her Shots, Dewormings, and have her Rabies Tags and Certificate.  She will also have a Vet Health Exam and Report, her Health Record Booklet, and her ACA Registration.  Contact me by phone, email or text at tpekes4u@aol.com,  909-754-6338  and feel free to ask any questions.  SEE VIDEO OF TIKI HANNA ON YOUTUBE, CLICK LINK BELOW. If you have trouble clicking on the link, just copy and paste it into your search bar and it will take you there.   http://youtu.be/Dc8auo0GYu4  (ADOPTED with a Deposit to the Wonderful Olson family in Nevada, where Tiki has a new mommy, daddy and 3 Beautiful little girls to Love and play with her. )



                               More Adults below that have been Adopted


 (ADOPTED) This is Shreklette Marilyn Monroe, (and she knows her whole name very well too...LOL)  and she is Available Now for Adoption.  She will need a family home with No other female dogs, although a male is fine,  NO CATS, and someone who will give her lots of love and attention.  She is a total Lover of hugs, kisses and special talks and story telling.  Ask her 100 times to give you a kiss and she will Every time.  (ADOPTED by a Wonderful Loving New Mommy Carla in Ft. Smith, Ar.) 



(ADOPTED by Rodney in Colorado) Beautiful ROSY. This is Rosy.  BORN March 25th. 2010.  She is just beautiful, and has a long flowing silky coat which somehow always reminds me of those Afgan dogs.  She is quiet and calm in nature, and she is happy both being held, or cuddled on her own bed or out sun bathing on the porch.   Rosy has come into season regularly, but has never let a male breed her.  Contact me with any questions or for more information,  Terry Lee  tpekes4u@aol.com   909-754-6338 

(Princess Adopted by Joanne in Escondido, California)  A True little PRINCESS.  BORN Feb. 19th. 2009.  She is an emotional and Loving little girl and really loves attention.  Princess can dance on her hind legs very well.  She will twirl around and just totally enjoys showing off her ability.  She will dance all day if you tell her too LOL!  Princess is the same as Rosy when it comes to breeding.  She will stand until the male gets close, but then run off and Scream like he was trying to kill her!!!  LOL!  Contact me with any questions or for more information,  Terry Lee  tpekes4u@aol.com   909-754-6338

 ( ADOPTED By JOHN IN ARKANSAS...SEE THEM BELOW) This is my Beautiful AKC Champion Bred tiny toy male Prince Yum Yum.

 Here is Prince Yum Yum with John today when we met him in person in Ft. Smith Arkansas.  It was a very emotional day for us, and I had to hold back the tears,  but meeting John and his friend made us know that Yum Yum would have the most Wonderful home with him.  He plans to spoil Yum Yum and I am so Happy that he has such a great new Dad.  We will miss him awful, but John said I can call to talk to Yum, and he will send many pictures.  Of Course I will Post some here on "Your Page"  Goodnight Yum Yum...your little bed here is empty, and our hearts long for your sweet kisses,  and you will always be dearly loved,  but we are also Happy for you.