Folks ask me all the time about the different styles of Pekingese, and why some have the shorter coats, silky coats verses the Profuse Show coated etc.  Some think that a Pekingese must look just like those in the Show Rings to be of any true quality.  Well folks, the Perfect Pekingese is the one you Fall in Love with,  and as you can see below by the choices of the most Famous Celebrities over the years,  and the Pekingese they have chosen.  Hummm...not a Profuse Show Peke in the bunch!  Coat and Style is a choice for folks particular preference,  But all Pekingese are Wonderful and Peeerfect to Love.  We have both styles in our Wonderful bloodlines, and they are all very Special.

Marilyn Monroe

Shirley Temple

Elizabeth Taylo and Richard Burton

Carole Lombard

Shilpa Shetty

Joan Blondell

Did you know the Chinese believe the White Pekingese is a Good Luck Dog?


Leana Horne

Loola Hartman (too cute)

Lana Turner

Joan Rice

Ellie Adams

Edie Sedwick

Elsie D Wolfe

Buster Keaton

Joan Rivers

Charlie Chaplin

Betty Davis

Lady Duff Gordon