See our Lovely moms below. Some AKC Show Potential and ACA & NKC Show and Pet quality babies.  We look for Loving Forever Homes for our babies and that is our Top Priority.    With our New Policy we will not allow an AKC Pedigree background to be given to buyers unless both parents and the puppy purchased is sold and registered as AKC.


Beautiful Sweet Ryder is a Wonderful and Loving Mommy


Beautiful Black Magic, is a Sweet Small Toy Mommy with a Fun and Comical Personality. 


Mommy Maryann is a Doll, with a Fun Playful and Delightful Personality, and a Wonderful Mommy. She is always carrying something in her mouth! She is so funny. 


Tiny Toy Mommy Opal is a Petite small boned little girl and she Loves Everyone's puppies including her own! Opal is a Natural born Amazing Mommy. 


Mommy Trisket is a Beautiful Girl with the thicker body and the Fat Feet and thick fat Nose wrinkle that are so Cute. She has a Very Huggable Personality. 


Beautiful and Tiny Toy Sheroni who is a pure Treat. She sits up on her butt all the time, and is a 24/7 Lap dog. She will help you talk on the phone, and when she's had enough she will slap it.  She is a Fun and Funny girl and her puppies are so full of her personality too. 


My Sweetie Pie Blue Eyed Suki, who is so full of Love and Playfullness. She is my girl that never ceases to make me laugh and smile Every Single Day, and she Knows it. She is So smart and a true Character.


Mommy Koko above, is a Tiny Toy White and Cream little Girl and just a total Treasure.  A cuddly Doll.


Melody is a Charming little girl and an Exceptional Mommy. Her eyes tell all of her Caring and Affectionate Personality.  A very Loving little girl and a Fantastic Mom. 


Small Toy Mommy MAKO is a Red Tri-Color Party Girl who carries the Blue Eyed Gene. Her babies just like her are Very Smart and Attentive and develop a Loving bond right away. Her bloodline includes our Blue Eyed Frankie, Blue Eyed Woofy, Blue Eyed Sky Baby, Blue eyed Suki, and goes back Many generations to our Beloved Shrek and her Great Great Grandpa Dragon Master Luigi, and Chi Chi Foo Man Chu plus our Sleeve Pekingese bloodline. You can see them all over the Years on my Website Link pages. 


You can see Some of our Retired Pekingese Below


(RETIRED) Mommy Blue Eyed SKY (above) She is Red & White Party colored with Blue Eyes, and just the Sweetest little girl ever.  Sky is just Fun to be around.  She is a small Toy but she he Hefty and thick bodied.  Bit of a Chunk LOL



(RETIRED)  Mommy IVORY due for her 1st. Litter April 2018


(RETIRED) Mommy Tiny Boarderline Sleeve Jersey, who is SO CUTE and tiny, with a HUGE Personality.  Jersey is fearless and always IN CHARGE, and controls the situation!  A Tiny Queen.  Jersey is in Season NOW February 2017 and is breeding with Tiny Teddy.  AWH what Spectacular Babies due!




(RETIRED) Tiny Boarderline Sleeve BUNNY....And Bunny is FUNNY.  What a Character!  She is Playful, loves to Dance, loves to Cuddle, and she is So Smart too.  She is like having a really fun Playmate. 


RETIRED Tiny Poppins




(RETIRED)  This is our Rarely marked and Beautiful little toy girl BEAUTY.  She has the solid colored body with a WHITE Mask!  This is only the 3rd. one ever born to us in my 42 years of raising Pekingese.  Beauty is Amazing and quite a little Dancer on her two back feet.  We dance together and she taps her front paws against my hands as we dance around in circles! She also Loves to talk and Sing along and She makes me laugh all the time! She is Mommy to Mona, Bunny and Ivory above.


(RETIRED) Beautiful Big Eyed Madonna, Mommy to Tiny OPAL


This is Our Sweetheart mommy Panda. Loving and So Smart. She is out of coat here due to having her 1st. litter of puppies, and she is a Wonderful mommy.  She gave us TWO puppies with Beautiful Blue eyes.  Her mommy is Shreklette, and her daddy is Blue eyed Frankie.  Her grandpa is Shrek, and grandma is Miss Milan.