Welcome to the Chue Family Page with thier new family puppies they have adopted from us this year "Snowy and Arrietty"  YOU can Click on each picture to enlarge it. First you will see Snowy who is the first puppy adopted and Home with his New Family. He Arrived Saturday, June 2nd. 2012 on Continental Airlines Pet Safe Flight,  and they sent me a Collage of Picture events from the time they picked him up at the airport until he was finally at home in his new bed. 

 From Left to right, #1. daughter Allison carrying Snowy from the airport, #2. Son Kevin playing with Snowy in the car on way home, #3. Allison giving Snowy some special attention too, and he is Loving it, #4. Mom June carrying Snowy into his new home.

The Kids at home helping Snowy settle into his new environment, and Snowy in his adorable new bed filled with everything he needs.  He looks perfectly satisfied!

HOW FUN, Snowy has a New Stroller and he Loves it!  Thank you for being such a Wonderful Family to him.

Snowy's first Day at the Beach and sporting the little beach shirt they ordered from us. 

Allison is taking Snowy for a beach side tour, and Snowy is giving that Big Ocean quite a looking over.  Hummm....I wonder if he wants to attempt a swim!

Do you think Kevin may have dipped Snowy's toes in that Cold water?  Looking at both of thier faces, it looks like they are having a Fun time.

. Hey guys,  it's Mom June's turn to hold Snowy and show him around.


ARRIETTY IS HOME NOW TOO.  She is two months younger than Snowy, and is his new family Playmate.  Now the kids have a little boy and little girl to Dress up and take on outtings.  SEE some Fun times and Adventures they are having Already below.  Arrietty just Flew Home on August 20th. 2012 and she has already had many fun times and outting with her New Loving Family and with Snowy.  

Picking up Arrietty at the Airport where she flew in on United Airlines Pet Safe Flight.

Leaving the airport in Allison's arms, headed for her New life with her New Family.

.Allison and Mom June introduce Snowy to Arrietty for the first time on their journey home.  Snowy looks a bit Worried about this new little furry friend.

Now is this GREAT or What?  Taking the Canine Kids out to Lunch on the way home!  An Eatery that ALLOWS the puppies to come in is Quite Nice, don't you think?

 Arrietty is getting a home tour with Mom June and Snowy is coming along so he can share in the New adventure.

 Allison is showing Arrietty around too. Looks like she is Amazed at all the New things she is experiencing. 

 Time to check out the Playpen she will share with Snowy, which looks like a really exciting Toy Box don't you think?  I Just LOVE those steps!

Snowy is not to sure he wants to share his new home, family and toys with Arrietty yet!  It appears he is showing her right off who is the Boss! 

A FIRST ADVENTURE TOGETHER AT THE MALL! Snowy and Arrietty now Share thier Adorable little Stroller as they venture to the Mall for a Day of shopping.  It brings Joy to my Heart to know they are such a interactive part of everyday Family events. 

IT'S FAMILY BIRTHDAY PARTY DAY AT THE PARK.  Snowy and Arrietty get to meet the Relative's and thier own little Maltese/Poodle mix pet.  Good Socialization time for all.

Introducing Snowy and Arrietty to family members.

Sending a Special little Dress and matching Bow for Arrietty.  Afterall, Snowy has his own little Beach Shirt!

Arrietty in her New Dress.  A bit too big for her yet, but she will grow into it.

  Hanging out together with thier Chews and Finally bonding.  Life will be a Happy one for these two at the Chue Family home.  Thank You for being such GREAT parents to our Pekingese babies.  This is what makes it all so Perfect.