"In The Process of Updating "YOUR PAGE" February 2023"

See Lots of our Beautiful Babies sold from Christmas of 2009 through 2023 and home with thier new families below.  We are waiting on more family photos to add soon.  DO YOU WANT TO BE ON OUR WEBSITE With your Special little ones?  Send me pictures of you and your puppy, and what you named him/her and your city & state, and I will add to to our New "YOUR PAGE"   Go take a look.   Send them to tpekes4u@aol.com 


February 10th. 2023,  Living in Japan, Junko sent me this Beautiful Photo of her with Pekingese Girl Lin that she adopted from me 12 Years Ago. I Love all of the Wonderful photos and updates Folks send me over the Decades.  


 I Love this Christmas Family picture 2015 from The Craiks Family, who are Wonderful Parents to our Pekingese, Bella, Callie and Sophie over the Years, and their Big Beloved Doggie Penny.  THANK YOU and Happy 2016 New Year.

Thank You Sandi for the Adorable pictures of Chester and Charlie with Santa Claus!

Mommy Annette adopted sister and brother together, and she is holding Zu Zu and Simon is holding Bambu.  They are showered with Love and being Spoiled Rotten!  (picture posted 2-20-2015)

Kanye at home with his new big sister Gabrielle.  He is surely Loved. 2-10-2015

 Honey, one of my Adults recently adopted, and now Loving her new home, and relaxing with her new daddy Herb.

Tiny Tad at home playing with Emma, January 2015 which is his New mommy's Beautiful little Grand daughter.

Mei Mei at home with her new mommy and daddy, Oh and Furry new big brother Casper.  She is getting some serious Spoiling these days!  Aug. 2014

AWH what a Wonderful gift of Love for thier Grandaughter Paige.  TuTu is Home with her new little mommy.  Repeat Buyers and parents of Pinky in the picture of her sitting on daddy's computer, farther down on this Special page.  They are A Wonderful Loving Family, and I know our babies are Forever Loved.  Aug. 2014

8-23-2014 GiGi just arrived home to Texas, and in the arms of her new Big Sister :)  She will be seriously Loved in her new family.  Aug. 2014

8-15-2014 Mini Max with his new Loving Mom and Dad.  They drove all the way from Colorado to pick him up!!!  Aug. 2014

8-23-2014 Here is Cooper with his big brother and girlfriend, now at 7 months old and not much bigger than he was as a baby, only 6lbs. Looks like he may be one of our Sleeves.  No one can ever know for sure until they are at least this age or older.   

Max happy at home with his new Daddy 8-15-2014

Precious little Puppy Patsy Cline with her Wonderful New Mommy Janice 7-27-2014

Pooh Bear with his new Mommy and Daddy, Carol and Art, at his Vet appointment getting his shots.  They said he was a really good boy.  

SNICKERS (previously Ricky Nelson) relaxing on the couch with his New Mommy Rochelle.

Snickers at home with his new family Rochelle, and Skylar. He is surely Loved.

This is Pinky at home with her daddy Ron.  She wanted his undivided attention, so she laid across his laptop so he could'nt type LOL!  How Precious!  

Cooper at home with his new Mommy Lori, 4-2014.  He is one Happy Little Boy.  

Delilah Hope with her New Mommy Tina who Loves her Dearly. 

Truffles with her new mommy Tari.  A Beautiful Family. 

Courdory with his new mommy Suzanne July 2013

Princess is in her new home with her new Mommy JoAnn today in Escondido, California.  The hardest thing Ever is saying goodbye.  But the Best thing Ever is knowing she will have the most Wonderful Mom and Life.  I Love You Princess. 

This is Prince Yum Yum with John today (2-17-2013) when we met him in person in Ft. Smith Arkansas.  It was a very emotional day for us, and I had to hold back the tears,  but meeting John and his friend made us know that Yum Yum would have the most Wonderful home with him.  He plans to spoil Yum Yum and I am so Happy that he has such a great new Dad.  We will miss him awful, but John said I can call to talk to Yum, and he will send many pictures.  Of Course I will Post some here on "Your Page"  We are back home tonight, and I want to say Goodnight Yum Yum...your little bed here is empty, and our hearts long for your sweet kisses,  and Know that we will Always Love You so Much,  but we are also Happy for you.   


This is Scotty (previously Shine) with his New Daddy (Jan. 2013)  As you can see, he is Dearly loved by his new family.

This is Merlin, his New name is Amici which means Friend in Italian :) with his new family Lisa and Dennis.  He has a Wonderful and Loving new family as you can see.

Macchia went Home to Mommy Reggie-Ann on 12-8-2012 and here are thier first pictures together for YOUR PAGE (12-14-2012)  Aren't they both Just ADORABLE :)  You can tell Macchia is Spoiled already? 

Macchia sporting her new Christmas dress that mommy Reggie-Ann bought her.  Santa came early this year for Both of them.  What better gift to yourself than a gift of Love. 

Cute New Picture of Melissa with Asia Lee (12-14-2012)  Asia Lee is saying a Big Hello here!  How Precious!  Thank you Melissa for the Wonderful new pictures for YOUR PAGE.

 New Picture Dec. 14th. 2012 of Daddy Nathan with Asia Lee.  Don't you think it's Just Adorable when daddy's really love thier tiny flat faced furry kids too. 

Here is TanChi with his new mommy Julie.  She just picked him up at the airport. She Loves her new baby boy. And here he is after his first night home, ready to go "Bye Bye" with Mom 7-15-12  Watch Beau arriving home to Julie, Ckick here on YouTube   www.youtube.com/watch  

CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE.  Remember Tiny Dragonfly? Well her new name is Bella and this is her Wonderful family Above.  It is Obvious that she is Not Lacking for Lots of family to Love and who Love her!  Including her new furry brother and play buddy Jersey, as you can see them playing tug-a-war.  And her Elder Furry Family Member Zsa Zsa who actually looks like they are related.  Bella with her Life Jacket on above on her 1st. boating trip with the family.  Wow,  I have to say that it is a Blessing to get the Wonderful Loving families we do for our Precious little babies.  That is what it is all about. 

This is RALPHIE, (previously Poo Bear)  with Mommy Stephanie.  A Beautiful Match.

Here is Velvet with her new Mommy Mariana.  It is True Love. 

Here is Asia Lee with her New Mommy Melissa, June 29th. 2012.  It is Love Forever After!

Past Buyer Rhonda sent this Adorable picture of ABIGALE (Abby) with her Daddy Charlie!  Is this TOO CUTE or What?  Abigale is 2 years old now, and her family Spoils her ROTTEN.  Want some Proof?  See more pictures of her with her family, her own stroller, her in her Halloween outfit, Sleeping with her toys she got for Christmas, her Grooming Day holding her Cow toy, and her 2 year old Birthday with her Red Bows ! CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGE

 Is there a Doubt in your Mind that Abby is Loved?


Here is Cambria with New Mom and Dad Tonya and Victor and thier Lovely Children.  How nice it was to actually meet in person with these folks and thier children today "June 1st. 2012".  They drove a 10 hour + round trip from Tennessee to meet with us to pick up thier new puppy Cambria.  She is a Special gift from Hubby to Wife.  How Wonderful is that?  :) Cambria cuddled right into Tonya's arms, and it appears she knows this is her new family to Love. 

YOU can Click on each picture to enlarge it.  Snowy is Home with his New Family, Arrived Saturday, June 2nd. 2012 on Continental Airlines Pet Safe Flight,  and they sent me a Collage of Picture events from the time they picked him up at the airport until he was finally at home in his new bed.  From Left to right, #1. daughter Allison carrying Snowy from the airport, #2. Son Kevin playing with Snowy in the car on way home, #3. Allison giving Snowy some special attention too, and he is Loving it, #4. Mom June carrying Snowy into his new home, #5. Kids at home helping Snowy settle into his new environment, and #6. Snowy in his adorable new bed filled with everything he needs.  He looks perfectly satisfied!  Hey Look, Snowy's Family just bought him a new Stroller and he Loves it!  Thank You for being a Wonderful Loving Family for Snowy. 

NEW Pictures of Snowy at the Beach with his Family in his new Beach Shirt too! Click on Thumbnail pictures to see fullsize.

This is our newest picture received today March 21st. of Raymond with Adult Male Pekingese "Sinbad" his family adopted.  They are best buddies.  Thanks for taking such good care of Sinbad Raymond :)

Allison with her Puppy

Joanne and her two Loving Pekingese.

Velvet with her New mommy Mariana Jan. 2012  They are a Perfect Match with Lots of Love between them. 

This is Jackson at home with his new daddy Dave and mommy Thelma in Florida.  Jackson went home this Oct. and is being Spoiled Rotten. 

This is MOTO with his new loving parent XOUNG in Reno, Nevada.  His friend Emily fell in love with Moto and she has just adopted Moto's brother BABY who will fly home to her this Saturday June 4th.  How nice that Moto and Baby can grow up visiting eachother.


Hello,  I am GIOVANNI, and I am Soooooooo CUTE!    I am $895.00 with FREE SHIPPING.     ( SOLD - THIS Little Sweetheart has been ADOPTED TO LYNN & NANCY IN MISSION VIEGO, CALIF) 

Hi, I'm GUCCI and I am a White Boy with an Outstanding Personality.  My Mommy is Jazz and Daddy is Shrek.    I am $895.00 with FREE SHIPPING.   ( SOLD THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOY HAS JUST BEEN ADOPTED)  

 This is Wendy in FLorida with her new Peke/Shih Tzu Shinese puppy she adopted from us that we called Panda Bear,  (he is the brother to Cocoa Bear now available, so go see his own page)  but she and her husband Wiley renamed Panda  "FBI".  And they also recently adopted a little Peke from my family in CA. they call Clyde,  in which they already had a puppy they named Bonnie!  So now they have BONNIE & CLYDE and of course the FBI !!!!!!!   TOO CUTE.  Oh and they also have a darling little Bunny Rabbit too who they all play with!!!  

Here is little Peke ABBY with her Loving Family.

LiShen and Mei Mei just LOVE Thier new Family!  Shipped together to their new home, they had a quite Cozy Flight, and into the arms of these Beautiful little Young ladies. 

Pebbles Cuddling in Bed with her Loving little momma who just couldn't wait to get her home. 

And here is Pebbles again with all her new Human Children to Love :)  What a Fun Christmas!

Here is Mei Ling Home with her New Loving Family.  It is Everything I hope for to have my puppies loved and cared for.

This is Tyrion in his new Mommy's Arms.  They Love him Dearly. 

Nadia and Frankie is together at Last :)  What a Wonderful Family.  Feb. 2011




SHOPPING FOR THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS PUPPY? GIVE THE GIFT OF LOVE. This is our Precious little Female Mary. She is the smallest in the litter and tiny boned, and now at 8 weeks weighs only 1.5lbs. She is a Girly Girl little doll,  and she will be a Beautiful Light colored Fawn as she grows.  She has Pretty White feet and chest and a Black Mask and ear tips.  $950.00 with Free Shipping.  A $200.00 Deposit will hold her for you.  E-mail or call me for more pictures and information at tpekes4u@aol.com  909-754-6338  (MARY HAS BEEN ADOPTED BY TAMMY IN WEIRSDALE, FLORIDA)

This is our Adorable tiny male named by his new mom LI SHEN.  He too will be a Pretty Fawn color when older.   (Li Shen has been Adopted by ROCHELLE IN FLORIDA)

 This is little Female MEI LING.  She has very little White on her with a Black mask, and she will be a darker Fawn as she grow up.  (Mei Ling has been Adopted by VANESSA IN FLORIDA)



SNOW BEAR, ADOPTED BY LISA, IN BETHEL PARK, PA.  She Loves Snow Bear and promised to send lots of great pictures soon.  

JAZZY GIRL, ADOPTED BY ANNIE, IN SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA.   Annie sent me Loads of Wonderful pictures so I created a Page Just for her and Jazzie.  Go see it and all the Fun Pictures.  I Love it!

This is Allison on her way Home after picking up her New Puppy LuLu Belle on Jan. 15th. 2010.  Her Mom and Dad bought her LuLu for Christmas and she had to wait patiently until she was old enough to fly home to her to Newport Beach, California.  I LOVE this picture of Allison holding her new puppy.  She Loves her So Much, Can't you just tell :)






Hello, my name is PekeaBoo and I was adopted by Carolyn below.  Repeat buyer who adopted one of our Pekes Chubaka years ago.  New picture of Carolyn and Chubaka, See them Below.)

Carolyn and Chubaka, who she calls "Chewy" for short.  His mommy is Miss Milan and his daddy is our Little Tanner who are both now retired, although you can see them on our web pages.  PekeaBoo Who is Now Renamed PETEY will be the NEW Baby in their Family :) We are looking forward to their pictures together soon to add to our Website. 

Hello,  I am PattyCake and I am a teeny tiny Toy/Possible Sleeve Female and just a total Baby Doll.  PattyCake has Just Been Adopted 3-12-2010 with a Deposit to Lynn in Palm Beach, Florida) 

Hi, my name is GINSING, and I am 6 months old and a Small Toy.     (GINSING HAS BEEN ADOPTED BY MAYRA IN SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA)

 Hi, I am Starbrite  See more cute pictures of me below.  (ADOPTED BY GENNY IN NEW MEXICO)

 HI, I am Puffer's and I am a Beautiful little Toy boy.  I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED BY VANESSA IN RENO, NEVADA. 




Hi,  I am BLOSSOM, a Beautiful tiny Toy Black & White Party Female.   (ADOPTED BY my New Mom Lisa where I will soon be flying into Pittsburg INTL. Airport to meet my new Family In time for Valentine's Day)


This is SKY with his new Mom and Dad Chuck and Nita.  We actually got to Meet them and hand them their new baby in Person, and that was a Great Treat.  Wonderful Folks, and they Love Sky, and he is a Lucky boy to have such a Wonderful New Home with them. 

This is little Female MEI LING.  She has very little White on her with a Black mask, and she will be a darker Fawn as she grow up.  (Mei Ling has been Adopted by VANESSA IN FLORIDA)

This is our Sweetheart CoCo Pebbles and she is a Beautiful Sable Fawn with full Black mask.     (PEBBLES HAS BEEN ADOPTED BY AMY, KEVIN AND FAMILY IN SWAN LAKE, NEW YORK)


Here is Rochelle with her Puppy Li Shen, Dec. 2010  Merry Christmas

 I AM SKIPPY and I am 10 WEEKS OLD, Full of Personality and playfulness, AND READY FOR ADOPTION.  YOU CAN LOCK ME IN WITH A $200.00 DEPOSIT NOW.  Beautiful Party Male with Lots of White, son of Blondie and Shrek.  It looks like he may also have the White Mask, and he is a Beauty.  Scotty is $795.00 with Free Shipping.   tpekes4u@aol.com  909-754-6338 (more pictures available and new updated pictures weekly)  ( Adopted by Regina in Oklahoma, Feb. 2011). Pictures of me with my new family coming soon.

I am Tinker Toy  (Adopted by Rhonda & Brandon in Burkburnette, Texas, Feb. 2011 )  Pictures of me with my new family coming soon.

Hi Everybody,  My name is POPPY and I am a Beautiful tiny Cream boy,  (ADOPTED BY WENDY IN FLORIDA, Jan. 2011) Pictures of me with my new family coming soon.


Were calling her JingleBella , 
JINGLE BELLA has been Adopted with a Deposit by Genny in New Mexico) 




 Hi, I am PRECIOUS a tiny Chocolate Fawn Female and I will lighten up in color to a Pretty Fawn with my Black Mask and tips, and White on my chest and feet.   I am 5 weeks old (born 1-18-2011) and You can lock me in with a $200.00 Deposit Now.  I am located in California, and you can contact Wendy at   donsgirl89@gmail.com or call 909-633-1477.  I am a small Toy, with a Super Full Coat that is Beautiful.  My mommy Lucy is averages between 8-9lbs. and my daddy is Sing Sing and he is a Sleeve who is 5lbs. so I will be a tiny boy too.  I am $895.00 with FREE SHIPPING.  ( SOLD - Adopted by Ed and Jannette in Clearlake Oaks, California)

I AM Dakota Dan and TINY AND PETITE, AND SO CUTE with the tiny bone structure.  I AM 10 WEEKS OLD AND READY FOR ADOPTION.   I am $750.00 with FREE SHIPPING.  (SOLD - ADOPTED BY RHONDA IN TEXAS)

KIPPER is So Cute and Funny.  Beautiful tiny facial features and petite body, with Loving eyes.  He is always ready to be the first in line to be picked up and he has Personality Plus. A real Charmer and Very Smart and alert little boy.  He has a beautiful coat that has a Dark Smoke, Silver and Blonde undercoat, and he is very likely to turn a Silver Fawn which really different and hard to find.  He is also the son of Sunday and Co-Pilot.   I am $750.00 with FREE SHIPPING.    ( SOLD - KIPPER has been ADOPTED with Deposit to Sylvie in Canada )   


   I am PURE SWEETNESS and Perfect Gift of Love.  CADENCE, is Bright eyed and full of curiosity.  Cadence is the Real Lover and Cuddler of his litter.  He has a soft and gentle personality and loves to be held and talked too.  You will Love this little Boy, especially if you enjoy holding your puppy and cuddling him a lot.  He is the son of Sunday and Co-Pilot.  His Coat is turning a light Fawn with some Silver hilights and very Pretty!  I am $750.00 with FREE SHIPPING.   (SOLD ADOPTED BY SALLY IN NEW YORK. Candence is a Birthday Gift for her cousin. Totally a Gift of Love!)


This is SPARKLE, and she is Black with White Markings, and may have Silver points as she gets older.  (Sparkles has been been Adopted with a Deposit to Cathy in OK. City)

This is PEPPER, and he is Black with White Markings, and may have Silver points as he gets older. The Son of SING SING and LUCY, who are my family's Pekes in Southern Ca.  Sing Sing is the half brother to my tiny Twinkles, and he is a tiny Sleeve at 5lbs. And he carries a Top Champion Pedigree.  Lucy is sister to our Blondie and she is approx 9lbs.  PEPPER was born on Nov. 7th. and will be ready to go to her new home at 8 weeks old if PICKED UP on Jan. 2nd. or if shipping, at 9 weeks old on Jan. 9th.  PEPPER is $850.00 with FREE Shipping, and you can lock him in with a $200.00 deposit.  CONTACT WENDY AT donsgirl89@gmail.com 
 or call 909-633-1477
(SOLD With a Deposit to Jocy in Concord, California) 



( SOLD)  Hi Everyone,  I am Sealy and I am so full of Personality. My new name is Molly.  (Adopted To Repeat Buyer Theresa)